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Learn the lesson of harmony singing and learn how fast can help the opportunity to significantly improve the ability of the vocal track to sing harmonies. How singing ReviewSuperior the lesson of the harmony of the vocal method is a complete vocal training, allows: - maximize your voice capacity lightning fast, even on an exceptional, develop professional quality singer - learn and review of 12 h 0 a day online make sure videos, see my review of the video of the entire story.You can access your copy of the method of high ridge of the page here:. Language is for the understanding of the literature. Translation is the ability and the language. Oral communication is important to not place first. Written language is higher ROAR poken. Students learn the structure of their native language. This Whostudy a foreign language are cultured and intellectual. The ambiguous nature of the human voice is a singing intrinsic barrier. You can not trust their ears have depend on the discernment of the singer (and taste) of others. Develop a method to match it with the feelings that you feel singing that others feel with the sounds. This difficult process is exacerbated by the inadequate language skills to clearly define the feelings or tones. As soon as you identify and reproduce the sensations, can produce sounds good, consistency will improve the voice. The purpose of the song is communication. Text, music and emotions below must be understood by all viewers. Good vocal production is the key to achieving this balance its objective and without prejudice to the Orchestra. It is not for nothing. The essence of vocal sound production is reduced to a few twisted components: freedom of physical power, effective breathing, their vibrant consonants vowels, pure and bright. Together, they form the vocal instrument. Design spontaneous, advanced visualization and supported intensity to give life. The song is a sport that requires much physical energy as a mental and emotional discipline. This energy must be released so relaxed about life. It is impossible to achieve if the body is healthy and rested. Sleep, the pace and design of singers such as marathon runners. A singer must leverage the natural resonance, breath and resistance that are born. Often requires the rediscovered stress the physical limits and emotional removal created a lifetime of bad habits. Freedom and the vulnerability that can result are confusing at first, but the foundations of a solid technique. Music can defined partly as movement through time. The homage Tower, is not like trying to catch it. Records, repeat the movement can not stop. When the movement stops, the music plays. You can only see in real time. In a sound wave moves, then they must travel is a natural vibration. Tones can not only frequency in line with the whole by one-step tree, while the fragile sounds upsets locations. It means a natural vibrato, voice of liberty waving a negative voltage or signal lack of balance in the media. Negative voltage it inhibits the sing. This voltage must be removed. Breathing must, of course, quiet, relaxed and it had encouraged leading imperceptibly in the song. To avoid giving your breath or physical shock or dyspnea. Lock or access is not aid but simply unpleasant negative tension. Wheezing recordings dry, diverts the attention of the public and creates an atmosphere drama, that do not fit into the mood of your character. Body support bracket must be floating, flexible and economical. Use of elastic support on the back of the lungs creates a greater capacity of breathing and management, control and a greater power of sound. The center of resonance and projection of voice color base must be always present in tandem harmony and balanced. All sounds, independently must be fully and carefully vocally produced dynamics and colors! Voice production is free of charge, a shadow of impeccable quality. Calm tones seem to keep away from the body, at the hearing, rotation, while the strong resonance of its maximum can look back in the direction of the singer, to sweep the face of step. Pitch and dynamics should be amended by thoughts, without physical manipulation. The transitions are performed without problems, but are clearly defined. Coloratura has also linked (no aspiration, or the glottals consonants), a task that can be initially treated the easy, convenient way for soft dynamic level. It can help to remember that such thing as high or low degree there is no. We mention only because as the paper is presented online. Tonal speed vibrate our voices are agreements. Period. Yes, subjective singers have reaction in various parts of his body (head, thorax, etc.), but have nothing to do with the actual success rate. Never have to reach or hit, even drag a leader of the so-called non-high to a low grade also. The throat must be relaxed and open, the soft palate, larynx, comfortable low float and all sections of resonators (bones and bubbles) allowed a cheerful tone. This sound is based on the heritage of a vowel. Without them, it is impossible to perform a musical legacy. His tongue and lips should always be flexible and relaxed. If you are not involved in the formation of a consonant, place the tip of the tongue against the back of the lower teeth. To avoid that the tongue on the roof of the mouth, prefers to leaves of the Antipodes down the gums, just returned from teeth or choose how to raise the bowl with a spoon. One of the following actions if the tongue at rest must be to create a negative voltage, distorting the words and vocalism free to inhibit. The jaw must be removed to the extent possible by the action of the tongue and the lips. To avoid, it is depressing, the lock or the teeth bite together. Mouth open with comfortable front and rear seat adds an open throat, but exaggerate the opening or relax in a small room can cause devastating problems. Cigars will more easily be your voice, sing. This is true regardless of the tone or the category of the item. Change of vowel often has cause more problems than it solves. It is important to keep the fire of pure intent and let your voice to the small adjustments that may be required for the range itself. This is the only way, comfortable feelings for the textual integrity and record of position without disturbances or text to create the perception of a range of products perfect. Vowels must be produced without interrupting the voice related. It is easier to achieve if one, every Member I think that after the point of [u], [the] width and space [at]. An integral part of the related singing consonants, must also simple and expressive. As vowels, pronounce consonants production still best voice. (Bad diction is the most important contribution of the audience drowsiness!) Quality of singing requires a vocal sound and production artistic Championship, firmly based on the exchange of values, intellectual integrity and emotional inspiration. Singing badly is usually caused by inertia or disturbing tension. Finally, the song is a process automated, dramatic claims began spontaneously. This allows the singer to focus on other concerns present (stage design, costumes, conductor, etc.) and inform your audience directly. Hand should be fun. Vocal technique is to eliminate everything that keeps you to pleasure. Master the complexities of music and language will make it even more fun. Then, your voice can only be that the meaning of the words take flight. • WARNINGS! Be altered by external factors (acoustic amplification, scenography, bandwidth balance, etc.) with the corresponding vocalism. Remember that uneingedenk persons or authorities possibly ignorant vocal limits. This is especially true for Choir Directors! Vocal chorus not abreast of the singers (soloists and chorus) unwittingly call in a dangerous form of singing. Excited by this research an anemic mix of coral, vote to deprive their essence and all kinds of power limit. Consequently, many rumors of choir vocal battlefields (professional and amateur) shreds leaves everywhere. It has a voice, and is irreplaceable. To protect and highlight the good news. All the time!. great and tips on how to select a provider. • Management of artists in New York, nearly all have their headquarters in New York and life expectancy of the singer in their surroundings, so the constant of the round to take advantage of the audience. Of course, if you work in will be free (with the exception of the opera or the contractor has met, as a resident of the city), has no thoughts of the audience and get out of town, in each case in the residence or sublet. New York is obviously suffering wounds that currently many urban areas of struggle, but the artistic capital of the world, is the place for happy and exciting benefits. Although the resistance moves, that they always need (and want) to visit often. Now is the time of the departure of friends, needs to develop subsequently crashing. To travel regularly to New York, but most of the companies will often hear theater people also. This can sometimes be a real advantage. Not only you can feel in an environment best (as its Theatre), but it can give you more time and individual attention. • The music of artists AGMA American Guild is the Union that Opera singers are required to join if you want to work in the major American opera houses. Also representing singers, dancers, administrators and managers, associated with the AFL/CIO of four sub and has few reciprocal agreements with AFTRA, equity, etc., but it can be a major task, a marriage to make a map in some areas, it is easy to connect AGMA. Get detailed information about the process for the seat of AGMA in New York. Rules of AGMAs warning to determine your eligibility for the program of apprentice and reduction of expenses of initiation, delays or exceptions, you can take advantage of you. AGMA has been an effective advocate for the residents of groups such as the Group of choirs and dance. It was more difficult to represent the soloists. This is partly because the short seasons of companies of all time, requiring many important singers of the trip. The pop star can, in any given city, once every two years and because many companies their season in separate calendar period, being cut can be virtually impossible to organize the significant work of the local union. In recent years, the active participation of many soloists at all levels the AGMA brought improvements significant in many areas of AGMA representation, in particular, to the negotiating table. But this unprecedented upsurge of the soloists were threatened by the convergence of several factors-apathetic, loose, voluntary regulatory burned, well-meaning but incompetent leaders, horrible negotiators and application of Les miserables, as contractual agents, inaction and statements of soloists, arrogant, ignorant, and hateful could be perceived as equal parts. For decades, it was founded by and for soloists AGMA. Over time, they forgot some soloists and others never knew why AGMA is not only necessary, but an integral part of their professional lives. Soloists, thinking that their representatives or themselves, their interests in all aspects of his career adapt. But it is a mistake. Tests and legal services, accommodation, travel and benefits often laborious and conscientious agents acting in good faith, seem to be joined with reluctance by employers, but in fact they are almost guaranteed of the collective agreement which the Government. They are required to pay not less certain amounts and a variety of rules to follow, allowing protect the soloists would establish. When agents took only voucher worth doing, about how much money, etc., was already guaranteed that their artists would be better placed to negotiate individual contracts ready. And same home called superstar had to request the opportunity to support AGMA. And where did not before our dear managers and lawyers, AGMA has often defended with success. Without soloists AGMA have little or even no hope of fair topics wages, health and safety or to enforce their legal and contractual rights. Unless noted soloists than AGMA actually paid its obligation to represent apparent insignificance is Shams AGMAs probably at the point where the contracts but certification inevitably and grow. • Taxes are particularly nemesis of the singer. Countries, the majority of States and local governments assess taxes on the income earned within their areas of competence. This means that the singer is necessary, the file can be anywhere, working. Often, they must also give estimated quarterly at each location, as well as several informative as form 1099 and 1096 files. Many remain in your tax return that mark daily responsibilities, the budget deficit has been used step deliberately, with punitive sanctions of interest. Each unit has its own bureaucratic rules and purchase simple and complete the necessary forms is a big headache. Amendment of the code of federal taxes in the 1980s were very unfavorable to the singer. More conventional business deductions are not available currently for singers, if they are configured as independent contractors and provide benefits for employees. Many hate the status of independent contractor and all the legal challenges, but ignore the nature the work, its regional aid of insurance temporary breaks and huge travel, other factors may predominate. Tax laws seem to be in a State of constant flux, but because the IRS as artists of the objective for audits is important that your documents are fully and in accordance with the decisions of the current court. • European tour listen opera is an art form and is still largely compatible. Despite recent cuts by the Government has caused the closure of the opera houses, Europe still has dozens and dozens of companies with annual seasons and the protection of performers. As a result, its singers House can maintain a normal lifestyle. While it was an absolute necessity for the Americans were given a name in Europe, until she was able to save their work to the House, which is no longer the case. Jobs in Europe, but there are many tangible benefits, among others, can absorb languages and cultures, produced work. Because different services during the long seasons is available it is a power, a little more in depth in dealing with musical tones and dramatic. Compactness of Europe it is easier to work in many countries and they are recording available, mainly produced there. A tour of the audience in the note of the costs of Europe consider a thing or two. Many German contracts is subject to the trading system. This need for singing, is simply not the right person for you perhaps because he appears in a bureaucratic list of the directory. Some countries have very restrictive measures and current climate of the immigration of the Germany can also be users. The market is now talented singers and flooded Eastern European experience, whose valuable need currency blinded by modest Western allowed, which appear in wages, a lot of his country's currency. There are probably more than the pop star unsuccessfully looking for work in Munich and in New York. Then become opera singer, to become rich and famous and a life of luxury and adulation? No! Professional singing brings excellent prices, but important compensation is rare. Some singers are able to adequately support themselves or their families to earn money. The concert circuit is dominated by the opera singer is imposed, but it can also do not match, the famous opera superstar or entry to the popular presenter. More important still, sings a task requiring enormous sacrifices along the way. If you are determined to become a singer, wait a moment, to take account of that opinion. If all what you can do now and what you want, choose a career and singing backup for one side. Unless your beloved beings requires that singing professionally, do not. Get a life instead. An alternative to career planning. Singing is something that everyone must learn to do it well. There is tension and spread of joy. But the decision to sing their means of subsistence is a completely different matter. Armed with only his dreams adjusts eager young singers, naively, professional, ignore the massive nature of this task. Individuals and institutions that often benefit from these ambitious work by simple interest, to ignore the reality of a career as a singer. The road to success is difficult and dangerous, but honest impressions, which has successfully negotiated the maze can help others from the dangers that are compared. If you are convinced that this task for you, good luck! You can expect a wonderful and exciting time. But before you invest a lot of money and many years of his life, issues, questions about the reality of this profession, boring and often misunderstood. • Are happy? Happiness is the most important of his career. They are exceptionally talented is? A young singer, which shows to promote a talented medium above is provided by well-meaning teachers and pride, to pursue a career. But without the full range of innate does not require that any (voice, dramatic instinct and musical ear) training exercise (no matter how big or expensive) allows you to achieve a professional level. Even if you have whatever it is, you can never achieve success. With a lot of hard work, you can achieve a professional level of quality, but still needs enough luck for a career. • Are you smart? It was for a long time the stupid singer time. No child is nurse grabs for new roles, can only travel accompanied through the evidence of everyday life on the road with his son. Singer keep new repertoire throughout his career learning process. This requires constant research and testing of subjects such as music and opera librettos. Greater knowledge of foreign languages, is easy to prepare for new roles, completely designed to create characters and access to the international circuit. • Are you willing to sacrifice for you? If you are successful, becoming a permanent break. Will do so with his life with a suitcase nearly throughout the year? And you're willing to accept the emotional, that exactly can a career as a singer in great personal relationships? Can you prune your social activities in the barrier of a calendar of the shows? What you will not deny the audience and training? How do they face an uncertain financial future? You can stay in good health. As a professional, you must re-create your instrument continually, the constant changes of the age, health and the environment is suddenly vulnerable. Frequent travel means that all the while he had already weakened germs is exposed to weather and time zone. It has a figure shaped and keep clipping (a rare exception are grossly overweight singer now), fatigue and more errors, to resist even the professional standards and when the patient can perform. And he believes that fate decided as always in the days that makes you feel really fabulous! If you get seriously sick, take a win - situation n °: sing when you are sick or cancel. Under considerable pressure, in this situation of stress is due to two factors: firstly, the majority of businesses have cancel a substitute for catastrophic if you can't sing and the effectiveness of policies. Guess who's to blame? (Beware of companies to be responsible for cases of force majeure the contractual clauses). Singer second time shows pay services often only by true, not one. To cancel it may not only described as reliable, but use a devastating financial hit both. If you go ahead and sing but does not perform to your expectations, you probably will not be invited, no matter what good reason or because they were praying and save enivraient. Worse still, unwanted accounts may be diffuse (omit extenuating circumstances), even potentially damage its reputation. While the patient is the risk factor most important for any permanent damage to the voice, but this causes that the fi is always present. Expensive doctors and only does not provide any income for the safety of the voice. A voice in fact risk may exacerbate some medicines. Common sense is probably the best guide. Are • you responsible for? As a professional, you have enough to protect its own interests, because no one is wise. Artistically, singers are often the center of the cornerstone of production, management of teachers, pit and stage management. Can offer this leadership? Always download time and well prepared. This should be a no-brainer and applies to all those who made during his studies, his career and his life. Be warned! Most contracts allow the immediate removal of delay, failure or lack of preparation. More important still, this behavior is an insult to his colleagues quickly not forgive nor forget. Sample time is very limited and professionals must learn this staging, the correction of errors and then make the changes immediately. (Their music against the verification of the orchestral version before they learn to avoid the embarrassing error!) It is sometimes necessary in a production without the benefit of any time, jumped in the time - clock. This may mean that you have never seen the set, the Orchestra is one of reviews or be close with artists, chorus, staging or same drivers. This happens often in emergency situations, but it can also occur when a guest in Europe or if change throws productions many stadiums in the game plan. • How much you refuse? Unlike the normal, singers do interviews all the time. They are waiting for you and I will teach you how to refuse to treat. Same rejection! Fierce competition, personal tastes, special packages, previous conversion without notification, seasonal repertoire, notorious casting couch and a number of other factors combine to make that everyone occasionally suffers the rejection. • If you can say that not? If you don't know when you say no, you will receive a career as a singer. The road to glory is full of corpses of singers, very early, too many things to do. Never, if you're sure that you can be there and that it suffers no damage, no speech accepts a role. • Training of all exceptional loads occur professional musicians, singers are more difficult, but candidates seek artistic Championship. Otherwise as instrumentalists, singers must create your instrument and play. Battles of virtuosity are unnecessary, unless it be falsified a golden voice at the same time. And because it is impossible to hear your voice, they are forced to rely on completely ears external of the singer. The intangible nature of singing with the specific requirements of the game music is made more difficult by the lack of a common terminology among the singers. Language is ill-equipped to describe the unique physical sensations that is involved the process of singing. Oral statements before causing more confusion than insight. For example, you can have the word of the darkness of the very different connotations to different people. Some would do with writing rich, well balanced, cheerful and colorful, map, while others may use it to swallow, excessively covered vocalism, cables, or artificial. Communication between teachers and students remains low, until it connects with security a common linguistic definitions of the bridge. This personal, aggravated language explains through the barriers of language, how can you describe great singers and teachers of singing in terms different or even contradictory. Find a responsible, competent and imaginative singing teacher, student entusiasmaría may quacks, even important, but it is difficult because and there is no shortage of counterfeiters. It must also develop (something that most musicians to follow a trail of ten to twenty years) and the foul language and acting skills to acquire excellent musicality. Unfortunately, looking for a teaching described in these areas also may be misleading. It doesn't matter if you has kept training at a school or private. The quality of education, which is what is needed. Take advantage of learning opportunities that occur. If you wait, it may be too late. Read carefully all schools and teachers. Not is very influenced by your reputation? Administrations, faculty and school programs change frequently as the occupants of the teacher of the month Club. The academic position and degree progress reflect not talent or ability, always showing, as well high rates to ensure the poor bank accounts and little. Coaches without scruples or talents tend to be greedy. Decisions can be based on the way in which better met their needs. It is not embarrassing, when you make mistakes. Recognize and process quickly. If you are looking for do not feel that you're progress with her singing teacher for someone else! Waiting for the problem and delay deepens its progress. • Hearings never do an audition for the experience. It should a hearing only if they believe that they are qualified to win the contract, or competition. Anything else is an insult to the Court, his time is running out and the memories are very long. Clearly indicates is not qualified to win, this is your happiness, you want to try just the will. The essence of a good hearing is present in the best light. The rest is in your hands. Don't be discouraged if you lose. After all, the odds are always against you. We will have succeeded if the best. The hearings are brief appearances and should be treated as such. His performance begins his arrival (too early for 30 minutes) and does not end until you left. Make sure that your business with whom outside the room is friendly and professional. You never know who can see. During the actual hearing, they are evaluated from the moment where there are first. His personality and attitude makes the difference between victory and defeat could prove otherwise. Entertain the public and good luck! If you brought your escort, performance can reflect your audience/shame. All pets is still readable by music, clearly labeled, cuts and particularly thoughtful cadences. The quality of the photocopies (acheter buy music, then you copy) new laptops allow a ring tabular teammates to quickly find your selection, change joins forces with discretion and does not interfere with your audience. • Contests and programs publications America apprentice Opera and classical singer directories and ads for the audience, as well as musical America International Directory of the performing arts offer a lot of valuable information for those who are ready for a career. With trade in numerous magazines, provide important data about enterprises of apprentice, auditions, competitions, programs and the community works in general. Contest requirements are often arbitrary, inconsistent and incomprehensible. Many evil are managed by a volunteer with good intentions, but misinformed. Competitions that do not offer work are often unnecessary in terms of direct funding with one important exception: without money, you earn can audition for training and expenses. There is also the possibility that someone feels the competition to help his career may be interested. Learning programs are designed to provide an excellent education, but in fact differ considerably in quality. Some are more glorified slave contracts choir singing or shows terrible school. Others can learn and interpreted, while some actually offer multi-level training opportunities and performance to be covered. Attempts, first-hand other people get, who participated in a program of apprentice, for the audience. • Worsening of scale usually poor wages in the United States is the fierce competition for scarce jobs. Until they can get the seasons, as well as artists in residence national society, graduates should continue pushing their way into a pool of talent already too many people. Despite the recent increase in the number of U.S. opera companies continue to produce more productions each year with perhaps two samples. This imbalance in the market is a big advantage in contract negotiations, employers wages and the persistence of the problems are the natural consequence. • Agents choose close. This person will represent him. A poor choice could damage or ruin a career. Your agent must have confidence in the artistic community and you. Eat or you must believe in your loan's lead, talented and not only keep. That could mean, sometimes elevated lucrative offers, but soon comes to everything too fast in the game plan wrong or requiring papers should attempt to auto. Sometimes it is not the directory, but I prefer the time of the performance, which makes it impossible for the Treaty to take. Necessarily healthy song of rest periods adequate. Back to back services can wreak havoc with the voice. And be careful, because samples open dress predicted the night before or during concerts on the same day as the performance. Attention at the expense of storage. Some infamous agencies require large sums of money from desperate singers. This is rarely seen as the Agency online bags. An agent will be allowed at a reasonable price (10% of the work are & concert 20 or 15% of these two rates current) and the normal costs of the company, in its name. You should be more careful. Retain final approval of all contracts and maintain control of their artistic destiny. AGMA, AND,.