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Apple has crushed his own records for the weekend to begin smartphone sales 10 million iPhone 6 confirmed and 6 more sold on weekends.Last year, the company has sold 9 million iPhone 5 and 5 C, but sales in China, which include the new numbers more impressive.Worthy of note is you only pre-orders Apple and delivered sales or were sold in the first weekend, then no command sent last week, the next month are not included. These figures include the numbers should be more than 13 Million. Sales for iPhone, iPhone more 6 6 has exceeded our expectations for the first weekend, and we couldn't be happier, said Tim Cook, CEO von Apple. We would like to thank all our customers our best start, breaks all previous sales through documents by a wide margin. While our team handles the production orders as quickly as possible, more than ever, we sold more iPhones us with larger font and we are working hard to fill the ramp.New iPhone versions, larger and other countries starting this Friday 20. Source:. Late, after the publication in the nation's release date of Microsoft Update for Xbox originally launched yesterday a console in China Set to be disclosed, this console will now sell Monday, September 29.After receiving government approval for the first wave of games, now we start with the game in the top 10 and still do our work as another successful games and a wide variety of entertainment and the application in the weeks and months experience on the platform, said Enwei Xie, general manager of Xbox launches the first Consul of China. Whenla in CinasarĂ  sold as the consoles have been banned in the 2000s. Permitted games, there are a few blockbusters, but Microsoft says that they are more than 70 titles in the pipeline waiting for approval from the authorities, including Titanfall and Destiny. Microsoft has the Kinect console, 4 299 Yuan ($ 700), a higher price strong in United States and Europe from the West, including prices. ,,.