Guardian Photography Masterclass 2013

A master class in the guardian, observer and professional photography. Read the tips, including the photography of landscapes, still lifes, portraits, sports and street and box plots to find out where our photographers to its inspiration from specific genres. In 2010, Argles Marin received exclusive access to 10 to capture the last moments of the Labour Government. Photograph: Martin Argles guardian, anticipating the light, be aware of their presence and to respond quickly when the time comes. Maintain a natural and easy relationship with his team. Use, what must be their reaction to the story. Photographers put their graphs of speed 1/250 of a second at an opening of f/8 (a distance of approx. 2 mm lens) in the days of printing plate cameras: combination of Tote is designed to quickly capture an image. The unit is now long very different have the camera, but still effectively an extension of the hands and eyes. Less obvious and more naturally, which - as in the photos application. Select a story that has a special meaning for you and tries to ensure that already not been provided by others. While the civil war in national Libya has emerged as a self-contained 400 photographers make the zone of conflict. Very, very well had nothing to history as assistance. Perhaps a photojournalist is a bit pompous role, expand our perception of the world we live and propose new ways. This can be in the deserts of North Africa, or on the outskirts of London naturally. There's little sense to pursue a story, unless the images to give a new perspective. I think that the player, who will be to interpret.Digital photography and the Internet have changed radically the practice and the market for Photojournalism. Some meant a step backwards in the exclusivity of the walls of the gallery and illustrated books. The reaction was more images earthing as Photo Gallery online. But risking the ability of the stills, tricks, new and complex ideas is a powerful means of communication and its living authority through the eyes of the individual photographer has the potential, the opinion changes and sometimes even to change our world for the better. John Crace goalkeeper expressed his belief that most of the male characters of the written program evil in some way: of course, must be possible, with female characters present a show without any silly male? Janet is futile and stupid brother of Rachel can't boil an egg, without the kitchen on fire. A third series was launched in November 2012 to April 3, 2013, may 28, 2012, announced to listen. In August 2013, it was announced that a fourth production line is in the spring gave the order in 2014. Alexandra Heminsley, another writer of the Guardian described as a fascinating police series and added: what a second series?, etc.