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Although it may be really angry, it will always be my best friend and love you forever. There are nine members of the family grandmother, always known as Mammaw, my sister, my kitten, Kendall, my sister and my two dogs, two cats living in my house, MOM. I'm half Mexican (the Mexican heritage is half white beside my padre-s). I was living in the House I currently live. Our family has lived here since 1967. It is very small, but I remember well, and I will always call home. I put t live in the safest area, but in the family, is a great place to live. I have been diagnosed with depression and borderline personality disorder. I started to feel remorse, when he was 10 years old. A large part was how present to my mother with my parents for a diagnosis of divorce and breast. When my sister and I were not enough land in a beautiful school transfer, richer. Some people can be considered a blessing or privileged or even happiness. Although it was a privilege to get a better education, it was nothing more than a blessing. People wanted me to different or strange. I had different things but other students see Yes. When the other girls pink and black marks used clothings and band shirts and flannel trousers. My otherness that seriously intimidate led to depression and addiction. It seemed that my life was not over. At home who would secretly like to be cut. Began at the wrists so that they can hide the scars with thick bracelets, but when the pain was worse and worse to hurt me too heavy. Would do me harm every day and the scars would be deeper and more covering my body. It was too obvious to hide, and my family has discovered and sent me to therapy. All that therapy was not t in overdose, to relieve pain or to the end of my life. After a failed attempt, I began the long road of training courses. I went to many hospitals and I would without a foot outside for months. Some places t me well wouldn't whip Regal, who was accused of assault and sentenced to two years for the proof of the return of community and service costs. I've learned to not deal with the violence, but that made me my suspicion of entourage. I'm afraid that always scared, crying that you connect to a bed and reassure me. I spent hours then or alone in a room with nothing naked, with only a thin and essential coverage. I felt as if something of an abomination. They sent me in early 2011, after my first three-RTF (Wohn Verwertungsanlage). While the first RTF personal failure to follow Protocol and it gave me a curling iron and left me in peace. I used this time and have very bad skin grafts two forearms burned. After this incident, and this for a year and a half my mother does not let me rich t return RTF, will send the Pennsylvania was the case in my second RTF in Erie, was in this rich text (RTF) format for a year and then tried to commit suicide by cutting his throat, transported to the hospital and has 42 points. I was then recorded in a fixed installation. I cast the RTF, so I could t be. There is no place that would accept in Pennsylvania, because they thought it was too risky, so I found myself in a RTF in South Carolina are sent. I didn't know well in this plant never. I refused to eat and drink, to take my medicine and to participate in therapy. At that time, my mother decided that it would be at home to give it a try and I disconnected. I have an eating disorder recovered, where I'm dying for months for days without water and fear reach a pound. I got a many times for this with the condition at the hospital and threatened even if Don; eat t have put a tube to deliver me. I don't like it when I touch by how I confused with questions of my body and my confidence. Also, I have scars from the neck to the ankles. This is more than one month, I have to go home and hang out and good. I have a kitten, Kendall, my friend, I am going for comfort when upset. It bothers me, I'm not thin or skinny, but I got mine, I say that the best way to lose weight and healthy lifestyle living. While spending nearly four years in the German universities do not more possible, I'm back so far. I m degrees behind but t is not prevented from studying and happy to be me. I met some good friends, then in training, support and everything. Well, I love all kinds of music except classical music. I like Rock Concerts for punk rock band cry/local. Music is one of my coping strategies and escapes. I have a passion for art and a day would have been an artist tattoo or as art therapists. Art, and Yes, I love to show you my body with elongated ears. 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