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What do you get for your money? Turn right. A smart program that provides you with a live broadcast from 100 to 120 tons per day is benefits for insured persons In fact binary. It has the notification for the community, the indication of the percentage of WINS and losses in companies and results in the offices, which cover the entire spectrum. Not only that, but it gives you information about the amount of investments, credits, date of execution, price, type, date of expiration, revocation or transfer rates. And compiled this information the user a penny for each signal to receive.When you register, you will receive following advantages: more than 140 daily signals: these are the three representative trade union, United States of America and AsianPersonal has main sessions: (if this option is selected). Here you get exactly what the title implies to consult a personal representative and to assist in their trade. SMS notification: This is a free service that wants to help, provide you with the most important notifications via SMS text messages. How much you want to receive SMS messages or not you choose for this service there, too. Useful binary update said: Of course the software is updated regularly, to get the best signal. These updates are free and will be automatically available. Although I think that all of these titles by software option was at least the latter, allowed to test free Fattoper, (true what you are saying in this report). When it comes to the negotiations and the real fact, sustainable profits do, then everything with a small hand. So when we came to insured services, software options, of a binary signal, the huge results promise, we must admit that our interest is aroused. But I have to say, if anything, that sounds too good to be true, then we are learned through bitter experience, that it is not usually the case. Then look what this software is down and dirty. And whether it's worth your hard-earned in the cash flows of the program, or if you are looking for something else. I suppose that it not necessary to recognize every book to the types of fraud to read is.They are all scam. The robot uses the API not know API, with the gang. Which means that the robot was created by runners. There was no information about how the platform to access and to send orders directly to the platform-runner program.Platform runner rather than meta trader, Ninja trader or trading station, we have a lot of information and public opinion is able to source of advice, or open. (As a programming language). All platforms of the corridor are similar, but we know nothing, because everyone in the Web site of the corridor are integrated and it is not a stand-alone application for downloading (I said. Once again, such as station, MetaTrader, Ninja trader trading) then this site integrated embedded systems platforms are controlled by the agents themselves and only the webmaster of the runner to know how these platforms work. I doubt although the runner seller knows how work. (Only advanced programmers.) They operate monopoly and without knowing how these platforms to operate. As well as available, accessible as these platforms and how to: set up (i.e., API-application programming interface) are at the mercy of the marketing by stupid or programmer who created bot. In fact none of the programmers and not marketing never wrote a single line of code to access these platforms. So all what you on the pages of ridiculous and stupid spam, you get are all days crap from runners. There are those who never have created a bot, because the public does not know how the broker platform to program. All of these platforms are encrypted or locked, and you can send any commands. All these are buildings of the corridor. It is not known which is the algorithm used to predict future market movements. As usual, you know or do you know the platform-corridor, the graphics are Very much short and no historical data for long binary options. You need not accessing historical data through the analysis of the external program, such as meta and meta trader is the binary options platform. All of these robots are wrong, may be not all providers say things about it, programmed which they planned and discovered ways to analyze the market and saw have and other garbage comes to my email saying 100% winning trades or things will never lose trade Bot.Dumm are people who believe that all the Bastarde.Neben to recognize scams? I don't think need to recognize special something.I'm just saying that they are all scams. All robot also agent does not know created by Runner (webmaster programmer) seller, how to use.Good morning. It may be useful, the user of this forum, because unfortunately I see many offers of fraud! I hope this helps! Best RegardsThomas (Germany). Benefits of binary: baseline, to hear from you! We have to admit that we expect many that (and we mean that A lot!) Wants software that will help you to increase your profits. And unfortunately many of them attack, near the bar isn't but binary benefits one assures that products from him. In fact go so far to say, that may be heard the best signal indicators, which we long ago made and the good thing is that you have To try even a penny to risk n t. With a starting balance of $400, in the course of the month of March you can try literally free. This allows many businesses to make and then decide whether the software is a product that works For you. And in our humble opinion, both How much trust says the Athletics said result team is there program is really the dog nuts! In short, have to say that it a Very much good concept and that it is so A lot people, a large sum of money. Congratulations of guys and thank you from all of us. ,,.