Password Reset H.264 Dvr

Put it on a temporary basis in my office for port forwarding/experience. Everything worked OK. Place on one side and ripped to begin setting up cameras in the right places. I went to the admin on DVR and seemed to have forgotten the password. I tried initially just remove the coin as a thought on Setup laptop to factory for ablation. Interestingly, restart the times in 2008. But still can not enter. Leave for hours, still no luck. MonoPrice said 020818 is the root password, but it does not work well (the recorder connected to a VGA monitor and via the Web interface). Searching the Internet I found applications to create a temporary marking for some DVR time. tested and it worked again. In the book runs embedded Linux. Advice on this point in the area? How many password attempts and then take the box is closed and for how long? I tried to Telnet to the IP address of the box and got a establish a connection on port 23 News (interesting-even I have a static IP address and is unchanged and watch that only once in 2008 restarts). Even without the battery maintains the internal time setting, configuration, etc,.