Rosacea Nose Alcohol

. August 2004; 2: 351-4 at Curnier Canniesburn plastic, naughty, s., surgical, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. Rhinophyma is a relatively common disease in the West of Scotland. Plastic surgery unit of Canniesburn receives 12 or 13 new patients per year for surgical treatment. The simultaneous occurrence of cancer in the vicinity of rhinophyma is about 15-30%. There were conflicting reports on the association between alcohol and rhinophyma in literature, and these are statistics with little or no proof, compatible. Epidemiological data will be presented in 45 cases of rhinophyma. Led to check the notes on the histology control and alcohol consumption in these cases. Malignant mismatched found guilty at the time of the operation, in contrast to many previous publications. Rhinophyma was drinking with control patients compared a group representing 48 men for Blepharoplasty insisted. The series has shown a positive correlation between alcohol and rhinophyma, compared with a cohort of patients presenting for Blepharoplasty surgery (p 0.20 >) similar statistics are available or the Scottish health survey. This study has a soothing conclusion, there is no proof, alcohol consumption leads to a Rosacea nose (rhinophyma). It is a popular myth – bu this famous red nose WC fields. It would be nice, this myth can dispel one for once. Secondary detection is also reassuring, there is no evidence of an increased incidence of cancer in patients with Rhinophym. Neu: to find an article entitled I've written too. Rosacea is a long-term disease that affects the skin and sometimes the eyes. It causes redness and buttons. Rosacea is more common in women and people of complexion. It mainly affects adults of middle age and older.In most cases, rosacea affects only the face. Symptoms may include. ,,.