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Six Sigma as a basic version of quality improvement, stating that there isn't anything new. It includes, so we call agent. The terms are more flamboyant as adopt belts with different colors. I believe that this concept has the advantage of sharing, create specialists which can be very useful. Once again, it is not a new idea. I it requires passing a written exam, for example, candidates for black belt and provide a statement sworn that they have completed two projects or with three years of practical experience in an entire project combined. Some organizations additional belt, use colors, such as yellow for those employees who have a basic training in six sigma and tools usually projects and white belt for this trained locally on concepts involved, but not to participate in project teams. Orange belt are also used for special cases. . The maturity of a manufacturing process can be described by a Sigma page indicates the yield or the percentage of products free from defects, do. A six sigma one process is where it should be 99.99966% of the statistically free of defects in material building (3.4 defective parts per million), although the employees of parks, the implementation of Six Sigma, as well as other professional responsibilities, be carried out under the guidance of black belts. Corporate governance includes the CEO and other members of the Executive Board. You are responsible for the implementation of a vision for the implementation of six sigma. You can designate other holders of the freedom and resources to explore new ideas for the improvement of the conquest. However, six sigma contains a large number of tools and techniques in small and medium-sized enterprises. The fact that an organization is not large enough to allow the black belt at the expense of the ability to use the following set of tools and techniques of improve. The infrastructure needed to support Six Sigma is the result of the size of your company, but as a requirement of six sigma itself. The use of black belts as itinerant change helped (controversial) a training and certification industry. His opponents there is overselling of six sigma many companies in the industries in which they participate or consultants, many competition claim Six Sigma, when he was only a rudimentary involved knowledge tools and techniques, markets. and create a special infrastructure of individuals within the Organization (champions, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts etc.), they are the experts in these methods. Each Six Sigma project within an organization follows a defined sequence of steps and has value, such as such as quantified targets: the process of reducing the duration of cycle, reduce pollution, reduce costs, increase the increase of satisfaction and customer benefits. These are also the basic principles of total quality (TQM) management, as described. excessive measures, measures, dimensions, and intensive attention to six sigma the variability of the water to reduce the discovery process. Under six sigma nature of exchange of ideas and the Serendipity of discovery pinion is stifled. It is generally accepted that the freedom in basic research or pure is preferable, while six sigma best in incremental innovation works where there has been a trade purpose, concludes. ,,.